Summer Assignments



Summer Assignments


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Raritan High School 



CP English I, II, III & IV

Honors English I, II, III & IV

--Dialectal Journal Template (Suggested Assignment 1, RHS Summer Reading for English I, II, III & IV and Honors)

--Novel Tracker (Suggested Assignment 4, RHS Summer Reading for English Honors)

Public Speaking

AP Literature

AP Language



AP Computer Science A



AP Chemistry 

AP Biology

AP Physics

Honors Anatomy and Physiology I

Honors Anatomy & Physiology II

Dynamics of Healthcare in Society


Social Studies

Holocaust, Genocide & Modern Humanity

AP World History- Google Classroom Code:  9hgs5f

US History 1 Honors 

AP US History 2:   


Hazlet Middle School


Grades 7&8 Summer Reading


Beers Street & Cove Road 

Grades 5&6 Summer Reading


Lillian Drive School, Middle Road School, and Raritan Valley School

Grades 1-4 Summer Reading


Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center 

Kindergarten Suggested Summer Reading List