Technology Links

Hazlet Township Public Schools Facebook Page

Click on the above link to view the Hazlet Schools presence on Facebook. 


Realtime serves as the district's Student information management system. It stores grades, attendance and other important student information. This system is also utilized to process student IEP's.  Realtime also serves as the district's notification system for all stakeholders.  It can deliver email, phone or text messages based on a user's notification preferences.


Keep up with events and happenings throughout the district by creating a twitter account.  Many of the district principals, administrators and teachers all utilize twitter to share ideas and information to the community.

AVG Anti-Virus

This is the Anti-Virus that the Hazlet Public School District Trusts. You can download a free version on this website.

MOESC Online Training

This link will bring you to the district required online training.


The District utilizes Cisco Products as a backbone for it's network environment as well as communication devices such as Cisco IP Telephones. 

Hewlett Packard

The district has been purchasing systems through HP for several years now and is very impressed with the quality and performance of these machines.

Smart Technologies

Each general education classroom is equipped with an interactive white board. These smartboards come with software that allows a teacher to infuse these devices into lesson plans and foster the curriculum.
The district utilizes Apple products for their various benefits to education. 
Elmo Document Cameras

The Elmo Document camera is a device that allows a teacher to project almost anything physical and display it onto a monitor, projector or smartboard for observation.

The district is moving forward with Google Apps for Education to integrate more collaborative learning experience. 
MyLearningPlan is a professional development and management tool used to save time with internal forms.

IT Direct

The Technology department uses this program to track and resolve technology related issues in each school.