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Through the 2015-2019 school years Raritan High School has implemented a 1:1 Chromebook initiative providing devices for all 1,000 students.  We are supporting our Mission, Vision, and Goals at the building and district level as well as our Middle States Organizational Goal #2 of implementing emerging and engaging technologies to assist students in achieving academic excellence.  We are proud to ensure every student that enters RHS has a resource available to learn in a 21st century learning environment to enhance their achievement, efficiency, engagement, responsibility, productivity and organization.  



Educating our students…to achieve their maximum potential.




In the pursuit of excellence, the Hazlet Township Public School District, through a rigorous academic program with high expectations, will provide students with opportunities that lead them to become responsible, independent-thinking, global citizens.  The school community will implement this vision through ongoing and honest self-reflection with a commitment to continuous improvement.


The Hazlet Township Public School District vision is one where: 

Ø  Students are actively engaged in developing twenty-first century skills.

Ø  Communication among our community of learners is open and engaging.

Ø  Rigor, relevance, and relationships are the cornerstone of our daily practice.

Ø  Data-informed decision-making guides our path to continuous improvement.

Ø  Challenging programs and relevant learning opportunities are provided for our         community of learners.

Ø  Active collaboration occurs with partners in Pre-K - 16 institutions, businesses, and  community organizations on a local, regional, national, and global level.

Ø  Staff members are committed towards achieving high expectations for themselves  and our students and model the skills needed to inspire students to maximize their achievement.




Ø  Academic Excellence

Ø  Highly Effective Professional Staff

Ø  Effective Communication with All Stakeholders


Core Beliefs 

Ø  Environment impacts learning. 

Ø  High expectations promote high achievement. 

Ø  Communities benefit when people act responsibly and respectfully. 

Ø  Education is a partnership among students, families, educators and the community.

Ø  Commitment of resources to public education provides long-term benefits             to society.

Ø  Continuous improvement is achieved by promoting and managing change            effectively.

Ø All students are capable of ongoing educational growth and behavioral  improvement.

Ø  Professional development that is personalized is a core tenet for creating highly     effective staff.