Monmouth University Professional Development School

Middle Road School & Monmouth University working together as Hazlet's first Professional Development School. 


Teachers’ growth is closely related to pupil growth. Probably nothing within a school has more impact on students in terms of skill development, self-confidence, or classroom behavior than the personal and professional growth of their teachers.” - Roland S. Barth

Hazlet Township Schools & Monmouth University Partnership


Middle Road School's Professional Development School became a reality in September 2009.  Our teaching staff along with the University professors participate in study groups that focus on the new educational initiatives which have been adopted by the Hazlet Township Board of Education. Each semester, we host a Monmouth University Education Class for undergraduate students who complete their field experience in our school.  Our teachers work collaboratively with the University to mentor and instruct student teachers.  In addition, we have a steering committee which meets at least four times a year to plan and review our partnership. This committee consists of representatives from our school community and Monmouth University. We hope to set up more programs and learning experiences for our staff and the University students in the future.



The Hazlet Township Public School District is a Pre K-12 district of approximately 2,900 students in central New Jersey. The district is comprised of eight schools, one Early Childhood Learning Center, three Lower Elementary Schools (Grades 1-4), two Upper Elementary Schools (Grades 5-6), one Middle School (Grades 7-8), and one High School (Grades 9-12).


Monmouth University is a small private college in Monmouth County, New Jersey with undergraduate and masters level programs in education. A partnership was created to infuse theory and research with practical application of teaching and learning.