Information Technology

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The Technology Department continues to implement cutting edge technologies throughout the Hazlet Public School District.  Some of the more recent upgrades and implementations include additional Chromebook Carts throughout the district, additional Smartboards in classrooms in several schools, Document Cameras for general education classrooms, and new all-in-one student computers in grade 5 through 8 classrooms. Another major project that was undertaken during the summer was the migration of several of the district's physical servers to a new virtual environment.  This virtual solution allows for more redundancy and saves monies with future upgrades.  The Media Center at Middle Road Elementary School has also been updated with new all-in-one computers.  New computers are installed on a regular basis throughout schools to help maintain an up-to-date infrastructure.  The department also continues to serve its regular function of maintaining, upgrading and managing all technology within its borders.


The district continues to utilize its Student Information Management System (Realtime) in order to manage important student data and student IEPS. The system is also tasked with delivering important messages and alerts to all of its stakeholders as well as, serving as the district's cafeteria management system.  

As the District continues to move forward in meeting the goals highlighted in the technology plan, Google Apps for Education has been implemented.  This system allows an opportunity to extend the school day and assists with collaboration between students.  With the migration to this platform the district has afforded new opportunities for educational improvement and opportunities for student achievement.  There was a great cost savings with the move to this system.  

The technology department at Hazlet is committed to providing support for all of the technological needs of the district.  Our team works with the administrators, staff and students to find, implement and support the best choices in technology.

If you have any questions regarding Hazlet's technology department, please feel free to e-mail Joseph Emerson at