Special Services

Jacqueline Hafner, Director of Special Services


The Director of Special Services assumes responsibilities for planning, development, coordination and management of all special education programs, services, budgets and personnel.  Mrs. Hafner ensures compliance with state and federal regulations governing the delivery of services to students with disabilities.



 In concert with principals, evaluates all special education staff and programs.

  • Utilizes supervision, staff development and performance evaluation to improve educational programs

  • Responsible for the supervision of Child Study Team members and related service providers

  • Recruit and employ credentialed personnel as required to provide services to students with disabilities consistent with their IEP's

  • Coordinates staff development opportunities to enable staff to better serve the needs of special education students

  • Coordinates with outside agencies to provide services to students and staff for the purpose of offering appropriate services.


  • Develops and administers district wide special education budget

  • Coordinates health personnel and assures compliance with New Jersey Department of Education in the health services area

  • Responsible for the supervision of home instruction

  • Responsible for district wide student records including compliance with appropriate laws and regulations

  • Prepares reports for federal, state and local reporting agencies

  • Cooperates with the transportation department in planning and delivery of services to students whose IEP require this service


  • Maintains familiarity with current educational issues through ongoing professional development

  • Ensures that all students with disabilities are provided a free and appropriate public education through the provision of instructional programs and related services

  • Formulates policies and procedures that govern the evaluation of students referred for special education services and delivery of special education and related services

  • Develops policies and procedures to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations

  • Interprets laws, rules and regulations to students, parents and staff

  • Maintain on going communication with the administration and regular/special education staff

  • Communicates information on programs, services and regulations to school personnel, parents, the Board of Education and other districts for the purpose of understanding of the programs.


Director of Special Services:  Jacqueline Hafner

Email Address:  jhafner@hazlet.org


Secretarial Information:

Michaele Pereira 732-264-8402  Ext. 1024