Assistant Superintendent

Joseph J. Annibale // Assistant Superintendent
Joseph Annibale
Assistant Superintendent

732-264-8402 x 1106

School Safety Specialist


Mr. Annibale was appointed as the Assistant Superintendent for the Hazlet Township School District on October 1, 2015.




As the Assistant Superintendent of Schools for the Hazlet Township School District, Mr. Annibale is responsible for overseeing and reviewing various Board of Education policies, regulations, and administrative procedures. Some of Mr. Annibale’s responsibilities include the following: District strategic action planning, budgeting and management, personnel staffing and recommendations, supervision of directors and principals, administrative mentoring, monitoring the daily operation and management of schools, supervision of school based academic goals, management of administrative building level performance outcomes, school performance reports, data and assessments, teaching and instruction, curriculum and development, professional development, attendance of staff and students, emergency and security drills, student services, HIB policies and procedures, violence and vandalism incidents, AchieveNJ: administrative and teacher observation and evaluation, Middle States Association – MSA (Coordinator for Accreditation), and performs various other related duties as assigned.

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Elizabeth Iacouzzi

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