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Susan Galbraith


As the Principal of the school, Ms. Galbraith is responsible for administering the school in accordance with provisions of New Jersey Statutes, the State Board of Education, local Board of Education Policy and Administrative Regulations under the directions and authority of the Superintendent of Schools. 


Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center
School Narrative


The Future Begins Here! Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center educates Hazlet’s preschool and kindergarten students in school readiness skills that prepare children to be life-long learners. Along with the District, Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center has earned Middle States accreditation. Our school community remains steadfast in its commitment to meet and exceed Middle States academic and organizational goals. 

The course of study for preschool students is the Creative Curriculum Gold which is approved by the NJDOE and aligned to the Preschool Learning Standards. Creative Curriculum Gold includes all areas of development: social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive; as well as, the content areas of literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, and the arts. Children develop independence, self-confidence, self-control, learn how to make friends and participate in group work. Children engage in activities that involve large and small muscle skills, such as balancing, running, jumping and painting. The ability to problem solve, ask questions and think logically are incorporated daily with an emphasis on using words to communicate and participate in conversations. The Creative Curriculum Gold accomplishes these goals by involving the students in meaningful play activities. 

The kindergarten curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. The language arts literacy program provides an excellent foundation in reading, utilizing the Harcourt reading series and the newly adopted writing program, SchoolWide. The enVision math 2.0 program is a standards based curriculum. It balances the development of conceptual and computational skills with reasoning and problem solving skills. The FOSS science curriculum includes the study of animals, fabric, trees, wood and paper. In social studies, students learn about our country, state and community. To round out their educational experience, each child participates in art, music, physical education, enrichment and Spanish.

Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center is the first school in the district to receive approval to implement a Standards Based Report Card utilizing a trimester reporting period. 

The staff and parents at Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center work together through the Parent Teacher Organization. It is an extremely active group that supports the students and the faculty of our school in numerous ways. 

At Sycamore Drive Early Childhood Learning Center, we firmly support the District Mission, “Educating our students . . .to achieve their maximum potential.” Through the use of technology, differentiated instruction, project based learning, current teaching strategies and staff development, our faculty is able to implement lessons that successfully meet the diverse needs and learning styles of all of our students.


Susan Galbraith


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